At North Sound Names, we believe building great new namespaces requires careful planning.

We develop and place name assets with capable developers so they can elevate our client's namespaces for the benefit of all who reside there.

North Sound Names specializes in placing quality generic domain names with the companies that will put them to their highest and best uses. If you missed the opportunity to register a name you wanted during a new gTLD's initial launch, North Sound Names offers you a second chance at the best generic domains.

Great cities don't appear overnight, they are
carefully planned and developed.

North Sound Names helps curate the virtual real estate in your New Top Level Domain extension, ultimately benefiting all registrants in the namespace. Just like the best cities in the world.

North Sound names helps make premium registry assets available to the public. Do you have a great idea for a name that North Sound Names is curating?

Apply to be part of a pioneer program, and let us help you build something great.

North Sound Names helps new Top Level Domain name registries unlock the value of premium registry assets. Do you operate a registry that is reserving premium names or expiring registry names?

Let North Sound Names, activate your premium names so they can be found by the people who are looking for them.

We help registries manage, curate, and dispense premium names to the right investors and developers. Each quality name matched with a quality business benefits your entire namespace. Contact us today to see how North Sound Names can help you.

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